Undergraduate - Types of Aid

College may be the first and most important investment decision you’ll make as a young adult—one that impacts the rest of your financial life. But it is not a step you have to take alone. Our admission and financial aid team will help you design an aid package that can include need- and merit-based scholarships, grants, loans and/or campus employment.  Contact your admission counselor or the financial aid team to get started on your path to a North Central College degree.

Scholarships (Freshman, Transfer, International)

Academic scholarships are renewable provided you maintain the required GPA each year and maintain full-time undergraduate status. Merit scholarships—available to both freshman and transfer students as well as international—are not based on financial need. Your application for admission and academic credentials are used to award these funds unless otherwise noted. Your achievements and special talents in other academic and activity areas, such as education or the fine arts, could result in additional scholarship opportunities.

Donor scholarships are posted through AcademicWorks, and both new and continuing students can search that website for applications for these scholarships.  Internal and external scholarships can be found under the Opportunities option.  Please note the deadline as scholarship applications will be removed from AcademicWorks when deadlines have past.


Grants are awarded based on financial need. To be eligible, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) along with other requested documents. Unlike student loans, grants do not need to be repaid.  


Student loans are administered by the federal government. These education loans offer much better financial terms than personal loans. Unlike grants and scholarships, of course, loans have to be repaid. You’ll want to carefully study the requirements and conditions of these loans.

Federal Work-Study Program (FWS)

To be considered for FWS, you'll need to file the FAFSA. We’ll determine your eligibility based on your financial need and, if awarded, you may earn $300 to $2,000 annually. The available positions vary greatly and are not guaranteed. Search through postings to see available jobs.  If you secure a federal work study position, you will earn a regular bi-weekly paycheck. Funds from this financial aid program are not applied directly to your student account.